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Statistics for 2016 (2) – with Data per Counties and Members

Published on August 24, 2017 under BRAW

2016 BRAW Bluebird Data by Counties

As requested, I have tabulated the county totals based upon the results submitted.  You will see “n/a” and “0” for the number of bluebirds fledged by a few of the submissions.  What is missing in this report is the number of Tree Swallows, Chickadees and House Wrens that were reported fledged.  In some of these cases, the boxes yielded no bluebird young, but did other species.  Hence, the above indications.

It is important for our totals to have the number of boxes on a trail as well as the other information on the form.  If a monitor does not have all the data, yes!, submit what you have.  House Sparrow data is not needed.

Board member, Steve Fallon, will be taking over with data processing beginning with the 2017.

Thank you for your work and support in keeping the Eastern Bluebird a Wisconsin Species.  BRAW is completely responsible for the healthy population of bluebirds in our state.

Steve Sample, BRAW Vice-President

PDF of the 2016 BRAW Bluebird Data by Counties and Members