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What does BRAW do?

Published on May 23, 2019 under BRAW

Curious about what BRAW does?

Director Gene Kroupa summarizes BRAWs work in this one page article.

Otherwise see what all the elected and appointed officers had to say:


  • Creates awareness of the challenges faced by cavity-nesting birds, and what can be done about it.
  • Builds networks of people of like-mindedness to enhance needed action to help cavity-nesters.
  • Adds to the much-needed biodiversity of nature that sustains life for all of us.


  • BRAW educates people about Eastern Bluebirds.
  • BRAW teaches people to monitor boxes weekly & keep good records to report to us at end of season.
  • BRAW leads the nation affiliates in Bluebird production.


  • BRAW puts on informational and educational programs to help prolong longevity of the blue bird species.
  • BRAW responsibly promotes building and monitoring trails.
  • BRAW holds an annual meeting at various locations thru the state where people can come to ask questions, get questions answered, and share with others.
  • BRAW provides a quarterly newsletter that is chocked full of good information.

Steve F.:

  • Enhance the population of the eastern bluebird in Wisconsin by providing nest boxes in suitable bluebird habitat.
  • Monitor those nest boxes to circumvent issues that might affect their occupants, and then note and summarize those findings to improve our understanding of the EAB and other cavity nesters.
  • Educate the public and those interested on 1 and 2, above.


  • Educates the public about bluebirds and other cavity nesting songbirds.
  • Promotes the conservation of bluebird populations by establishing best practices for nesting success.
  • Encourages ordinary citizens to play a role in the ongoing conservation story of the Eastern Bluebird in Wisconsin.

Steve S.:

  • To educate and continually substantiate as to why it is essential to “actively” maintain the Eastern Bluebird population in Wisconsin.  Why our organization is The Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin.
  • To encourage and actively support people by providing best practices in bluebird housing design, placement of bluebird houses and bluebird trail monitoring.
  • To coordinate the statewide effort to meet the goal to maintaining a healthy bluebird population as well as other native cavity nesting birds.


  • BRAW serves as a resource for organizations and individuals to obtain information about building, locating, maintaining and monitoring nest boxes.
  • BRAW provides a reminder of the role humans play in saving and restoring threatened species.
  • BRAW supplies continuity to facilitate activities geared to educating members and the public about cavity nest builders.
  • BRAW initiates public information and engagement regarding cavity nesters.