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The Bluebird Restoration
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Becoming a Member

The purpose and mission of BRAW (Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin, Inc.) is to monitor and increase the production of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity-nesting birds through a coordinated statewide nest box construction and monitoring program.

BRAW’s History

When BRAW was organized in 1986, it was estimated that the Eastern Bluebird population in its historic range had declined by 90% during the preceding 50 years due to changes in agriculture practices, competition from the House (English) Sparrow and European Starling, severe weather in its central and southern winter range, and the loss of nest sites, such as tree cavities and hollow wooden fence posts.

BRAW works to bring to light the efforts of Wisconsin citizens who had been helping bluebirds in the past and those who have recently joined their ranks. Since 1994, BRAW has entered monitors’ data into a computer data base and as a result, through computer analysis of the data, it has gained great insights into the complexities of how management practices and box design affect bluebird population dynamics.

Through workshops, the Annual Membership meeting, and through publication of research findings in the Wisconsin Bluebird newsletter, BRAW shares successful birding techniques while hopefully avoiding some of the mistakes painfully learned by earlier bluebird enthusiasts.

BRAW seeks to expand public knowledge and enthusiasm for the Eastern Bluebird so that a growing number of people will have the desire to aid cavity nesters and have the knowledge about how to best accomplish this in their own communities.

By joining, BRAW would help you learn the best Practices of our Association:

  • how to recognize bluebird habitat;
  • how to build and place nest boxes on a bluebird trail;
  • why and how to monitor a bluebird trail;
  • how to defend bluebirds against their enemies;
  • how to identify nest failures and what to do;
  • what are the impact and significance of other bird species that may nest in bluebird houses;

You would also

  • be in contact with a statewide network of county coordinators who assist local residents with bluebird problems;
  • participate to the recording and reporting of annual bluebird population trends;
  • be invited to attend an annual spring or autumn meeting with the attendant good fellowship of friends and families.

Advantage of being a BRAW Member

What the Benefits for a BRAW Member?

The Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin, Inc. (BRAW) is Wisconsin’s voice for bluebird conservation. As a member, you receive a quarterly newsletter, Wisconsin Bluebirds, to share in its pages both success and failure stories by its members and other authors working to increase local bluebird populations.

What is Tax deductible?

BRAW is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Your membership is not tax deductible but donations and other financial support of BRAW, Inc. are a tax deductible charity to the extent allowed by the law.

How do I renew my Membership or become a Member?

To renew your membership or to become a new member of BRAW, click on the Membership button below. BRAW needs your membership support to continue the bluebird restoration program.

To make a donation, click on the Donate button below.

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