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Limited Nest Box Promotion Offers 


It’s no secret that the more nest boxes put up in good habitat, the greater the chances are that bluebird pairs will use them resulting in more fledglings.  Likewise, the more members we have putting up those nest boxes, the increased likelihood of helping bluebirds find a home.


 So, BRAW is making these special offers to members with a goal of 223 new nest boxes being put up in 2023.  Likewise, we want to boost our membership by 50 new recruits.  Look and see if you want to participate in the following programs.  With all programs, we ask that you consider donating an amount to cover shipping of the three nest boxes with predator guards – usually $25 – or you can pick them up free in Madison.


 If you need new mounting poles and clamps, BRAW will reimburse you up to $10 per box ($30 maximum) upon acceptance of a receipt.  All offers are only good for instate members.


Nest Box Replacement


Any current member can request up to three new nest boxes with predator guards to replace worn out old boxes.  This program makes upgrading with approved design boxes easy and affordable.


Cemetery Installations


BRAW would like for members to set up new mini trails of no more than three nest boxes in rural and small town cemeteries.  These boxes are convenient to monitor and provide visibility for BRAW.


Carol McDaniel Legacy


These boxes are reserved for folks who want to recognize her many contributions to BRAW and bluebirds.  You must agree to supply the GPS locations of the nest boxes and provide monitoring data at season’s end.    


Park Place Promotions


  Many towns, cities, townships, and counties have parks and golf courses with open spaces that are ideal habitat for bluebirds.  Being able to offer the supervisor three free nest boxes for an introductory test could lead to a larger trail being installed.  Just let us know the name of the public place where boxes are sited. 


Please Note:

These offers will be good from March 1 thru April 30, 2023.  We will have similar offers available at the state convention in September.  Please send your requests along with a check to: Name, address, email, etc.  You can also order online by going to:

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BRAW Members



Start Date:  3 / 8 / 23

   End Date     4 / 30 / 23

© 2023 BRAW, Inc.

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