In 1964 there were only an estimated 600 nesting bluebird pairs left in the state due to habitat loss.


Each year BRAW members’ nest boxes alone fledge over 20,000 bluebirds, plus numerous tree swallows, chickadees and other birds.


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BRAW members maintain 8,000 nest boxes throughout the state bring a wealth of experience to those wanting to learn how to do it.

Video of the Week

The Eastern Bluebird: A Conservation Success Story


Here you will find short educational videos about:

  • Eastern Bluebirds

  • Other cavity nesters 

  • Fun facts about them

  • How to build nest boxes,

  • How to attract these song birds to your backyard, and

  • Much more...

A Bluebird Resource Book for Youngsters 


Mini Gallery

Kids are naturally curious about wildlife, especially the birds they see when outdoors.  Brightly colored birds draw special attention because of their beautiful plumage.


Recently, my grandson found out that I serve as BRAW's webmaster and began to show interest by asking me lots of questions about bluebirds.  Where do they come from? How long do they live? Where can I find them? What do they eat?  Why? Why? Why... You get the picture by now.

I am not the only one who has been asked these questions. So, I opted to post this Children's Bluebird Activity Book as a handy resource of bluebird information for  parents, grandparents, and teachers of kids expressing an interest in bluebirds.

Andy Garcia-Rivera

BRAW Webmaster

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