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Board of Directors, Chairs, & Liaisons

Elected & Appointed Officers

President: Steve Sample  (term to 12/26)

Vice-President: Brad Branwell • (term to 12/ 26) 

Secretary: Gene Kroupa • (term to 12/26)

Treasurer: Joanie Haugen• (term to 12/26) 

Director: Patrick Ready (term to 12/25) 

Director: Steve Fallon term to 12/26)

Director: Dave Lucey  (term to 12/25)

Director: Mary Sobol  (term to 12/25)

Director: Mike Crawford  (term to 12/26)

Director: Andy Garcia-Rivera  (term to 12/26)

Director: Gail Smith  (term to 12/25)

Past Presidents

Patrick Ready

Joe Schultz

Carol McDaniel

Del Parkinson

   Tom Whalley

Dick Nikolai

Harvey Halvorsen


Appointed Officers & Committee Chairpersons

Data Collection Officer: Steve Fallon • (term to 12/26)

County Coordinator Chair: Gene Birr • (term to 12/26)

Funding: Joanie Haugen • (term to 12/26)

WI Bluebird Editor: Patrick Ready (term to 12/25)

Membership Coordinator: Valerie Van Winkle • (term to 12/25)

Website:  Andy Garcia-Rivera • (term to 12/26) 


BRAW Liaisons

WiDNR - Bureau of Endangered Research Liaison: Sumner Matteson 

WSO Liaison: Jennifer Wenzel 

Wisconsin Purple Martin Association: Les Rhine 

Madison Audubon: Brenna Marsicek 

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