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​Bluebird Emergencies


The Eastern Bluebird


EBB Nest Box Plan & Info

Nest Box Placement Tips

Managing Invasive Species

Dealing with Predators

Managing Nest Box Competitors

Nest Box Trouble Shooting Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find good online resources for bluebird related information?

GENERAL BB SITES The North American Bluebird Society Cornell NestWatch Citizen Science Ellis Bird Farm – Alberta Sialis CHILDREN’S BB SITES Kid Wings STATE BLUEBIRD SOCIETIES ​​Hear the Song of the Bluebirds​​ Ambassador for the Bluebird BRAW Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin​ Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania ​Facebook Page for the Woolwine House Bluebird Trail The Eastern Bluebird and the Tree Swallow – Video Southern California Bluebird Club Colorado Bluebird Project Florida Bluebird Society Bluebird Hollow Farm – Georgia Indiana Bluebird Society Kentucky Bluebird Society Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society Maryland Bluebird Society Michigan Bluebird Society Bluebird Recovery Program – Minnesota Missouri Bluebird Society Mountain Bluebird Trails – Montana Nebraska - Bluebirds Across Nebraska New Jersey Bluebird Society New York State Bluebird Society North Carolina Bluebird Society Ohio Bluebird Society Prescott Bluebird Recovery Program – Oregon Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania South Carolina Bluebird Society Tennessee Bluebird Society Texas Bluebird Society Virginia Bluebird Society

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"I Wish You Bluebirds"

 This website was developed as a resource for people interested in helping bluebirds and other native cavity-nesters survive and thrive. See the Site Map (index) or Pulldown (Jump) Menu for an alphabetical list of topics covered.

Bluebirds for Children

Activity Book

Coloring Pages


Arts & Crafts

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Basic Description

Find Out

Where they live

What they eat

About their nests

How they act

Other Resources & Links

National Organizations

State & Regional Organizations

Virginia Society of Ornithology

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Watchable Wildlife Program

Habitat @ Home

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation – Natural Heritage Program

Roanoke Valley Bird Club (Virginia)

New York State Bluebird Society

North Carolina Bluebird Society

Northern Virginia Bird Club (NVBC)

Audubon Society of Omaha

Audubon Society of Northern Virginia

Southern Interior Bluebird Trail Society

Maryland Bluebird Society

The Virginia Birding & Wildlife Trail

Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Virginia Bluebird Connection

Augusta Bird Club

Rockfish Valley Birding

Virginia Beach Audubon Society

Hampton Roads Bird Club

Personal Sites

Shirl’s Bluebird Acres

Woolwine House Bluebird Trail

Institutional Sites

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Other Sites

Guide to Bird-Watching From Your Window (Thank you to Hallie!)

The Bluebird Box

Bird Watching Forum

Bird Watchers Digest

Birding.Com – Top 25 Birding Web Sites

The Bluebird Reference Guide

Wildlife Rehabilators

Bluebird nestbox cams

Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Cornell Lab for Ornithology NestCams


Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching

Birding for Kids Resource Guide (Thank you to the Brenham Community Center!)

The Importance of Checking Your Wild Birdfeeders for Mold (Thank you to Jefferson Elementary School!)


The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide to Bluebirds and Other Small Cavity Nesters by Cynthia Berger, Keith Kridler, Jack Griggs; sponsored by NABS and Cornell; HarperCollins Publishers

The Bluebird Book by Donald & Lillian Stokes

Bluebirds and Their Survival by Davis & Roca

Bluebird Trails: A Guide to Success by Scriven

Symbol of Hope: Bluebirds by Steve Grooms and Dick Peterson (ISBN 1-55971-095-0)

Studying Eastern Bluebirds: A Biologist’s Report and Reflections by T. David Plitts

Pamphlets (available through NABS)

Bringing Back the Bluebirds by Troyer

Enjoying Bluebirds More by Zickefoose

Other Resources

House Sparrow Traps – The Scriven and Davis books have plans for these traps so you can build one yourself. You can also visit Joe Huber’s web site, “House Sparrow Control at Your Bluebird Nesting Box,” for details on how to build and operate the Huber Trap. If you need further information about trapping sparrows contact us at VBS.

Sparrow Swap Citizen Science Project – The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences seeks the help of bluebird monitors in building their collection of house sparrow eggs for research purposes. Participants in the Sparrow Swap send house sparrow eggs to the Museum and report on subsequent details from each nest box where eggs were removed. Participants can also opt to receive replicas of house sparrow eggs to swap into nests to occupy female house sparrows with a fake nest attempt. You can read more about the project in the interest letter and flyer, as well as on the website.



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