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 This website was developed as a resource for people interested in helping bluebirds and other native cavity-nesters survive and thrive. See the Site Map (index) or  the

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The Eastern Bluebird


EBB Nest Box Plan & Info

Nest Box Placement Tips

Managing Invasive Species

Dealing with Predators

Managing Nest Box Competitors

Nest Box Trouble Shooting Guide

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The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide

to Bluebirds and Other Small Cavity Nesters

by Cynthia Berger, Keith Kridler, Jack Griggs; sponsored by NABS and Cornell; HarperCollins Publishers


The Bluebird Book 

by Donald & Lillian Stokes

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Bluebird Trails:

A Guide to Success 

by Scriven

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Bluebirds and Their Survival 

by Davis & Roca

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Symbol of Hope: Bluebirds 

by Steve Grooms and Dick Peterson

(ISBN 1-55971-095-0)

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Studying Eastern Bluebirds: A Biologist’s Report and Reflections 

by T. David Pitts