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Make A Donation

Contributing to BRAW through donations at helps support bluebird research, maintain nest boxes, replace box hardware, and further our education and conservation efforts.

Your generosity directly impacts Wisconsin’s bluebirds and their habitats.

Choose from two convenient methods to pay for memberships: by mail-in form or online.


Payment  Form 

Please mail completed form and check to:

Valerie Van Winkle

BRAW Membership Coordinator

PO Box 628492
Middleton, WI 53562

Secure Online


Use PayPal or credit card to buy or renew a membership.

PayPal is very secure.


BRAW does not handle your financial data at all, it is handled by PayPal or your Credit Card Company.

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  Online Membership Fee Payment  Form   

 Please note: 

  If you are purchasing more than one membership, please complete each purchase separately.  

Payment Instructions

 Now that your membership form has been submitted to BRAWS' Member Database     

 please use membership menu below to pay for the membership you select. 

  1. Pressing  Add to Cart  button   opens the PayPal Check-out screen.

  2. Select how you want to pay using PayPal or a credit card.

An example of the PayPal Check out screen that appears is shown below.

PAyPAl Credfit card Button.png

  Press PayPal  button o pay via PayPal 

  Click grey Check Out button to pay using your Credit Card

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