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Payment Options

Below are two ways to pay for memberships by mail-in form or online.

 At the bottom of the page is a donation button.  Donations no matter how small helps BRAW to maintain trail boxes and replace box harware.


Payment  Form 

Please mail completed form and check to:

Valerie Van Winkle

BRAW Membership Coordinator
PO Box 628492
Middleton, WI 53562

Use PayPal or credit card to buy or renew a membership.

PayPal is very secure.


BRAW does not handle your financial data at all, they handled solely by PayPal or your Credit Card Company.

Online Membership Fee Payment  Form 

 Please Note: 

 If you are purchasing more than one membership, please complete each purchase separately.

Payment Instructions

1.   Click on black arrow membership menu pull-down box below. 

2.   Select your choice form the drop-down list.

3.   If you are giving a gift please enter recipient's address.

       Note: you cannot make a gift to yourself. 

4..   When done click  Add to Cart  button below.

  1. Pressing  Add to Cart  button   above takes you to the PayPal Check-out screen.

  2. Select how you want to pay.  You have two options:

    • You can click the  orange  PayPal   Check out  Button check out button; or 

    • Click on grey  Check out   button to pay using your credit card.

An example of the PayPal Check out screen that appears is shown below.

PAyPAl Credfit card Button.png

  Press PayPal  button on right to pay via PayPal 

 Click grey Check Out button on right to pay using your Credit Card

Make A Donation

Donations received are used to support bluebird research (reported in our newsletter), and to help maintain nest boxes, create new ones for our nest box offers, and trail management.

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