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Providing Support for BRAW Members and  Passionate Bluebird Enthusiasts.

1. BRAW County Contacts (CCs):

Represent a group of dedicated individuals who serve as the vital grassroots network for Wisconsin’s Eastern Bluebird restoration program. Their role ensures that knowledge is accessible to everyone interested in supporting bluebirds.

​2.  Share Local Expertise:

County Contacts possess local knowledge about bluebird care and habitats, nesting sites, and conservation efforts specific to their regions. They distribute literature on bluebird conservation, nest box construction plans, and best practices. Their expertise helps guide conservation strategies and fosters community engagement.

3. Are as Communication Hub:

As liaisons between BRAW and local bluebird enthusiasts, County Contacts facilitate information sharing, organize nest box trails, and encourage citizen science participation. They are the heartbeat of bluebird conservation in their respective counties

BRAW County Coordinator Directory

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