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WB Fall 2014

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    Fall 2014

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BB trio babies

Featured Photo by Jennifer Bachman, New London, WI

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Bath BB1

Featured Photo
by Hank Koshollek

BluebirdListen to the song
of Sialia sialis

Bluebird by Pat Ready

Annual Report II for 2013

Over 37,000 songbirds were fledged in the 2013 Season
by Kent Hall

A total of 37,279 songbirds (Table 1) were fledged from the 8,687 nest boxes reported to me for the 2013 season (down from 51,280 fledged in 2012= -17.3%). This decrease of 14,001 fledged songbirds was due mainly to a decrease of 12,618 bluebirds fledged but chickadee fledglings decreased by 374 and Tree Swallow fledglings decreased by 1,231, also. HOWR’s increased by 346 fledglings. Read more...

Annual Report I for 2013

by Kent Hall

This is my 8th year as Coordinator of Data Collection for BRAW and 4th as Data Analyzer. This year was about as different from last season as one can get. Last season BRAW Eastern Bluebird (EABL) production increased dramatically because of good weather and this season we dropped to the lowest production in the last six years
because of the cold, wet spring. This spring, I knew it was going to be a long season when I saw my first Tree Swallow before my first bluebird! Read more...

BRAW Info Pack - Revised for 2013 Version 4:

Attracting Eastern Bluebirds & Other Cavity NestersNew Info Pack 2013

The Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin has come a long way since its inception in 1986 in its understanding about how to effectively manage Eastern Bluebirds. This booklet pulls together the collective experiences of people who work especially in the interest of bluebirds, particularly those persons who record and summarize their nest box data and whom we term monitors. Printable Info Pack (PDF)


BRAW is a NABS Affiliate Organization.