You don't have to be a bluebird expert

to have bluebirds in your yard or to start a trail...

Join BRAW and we'll show you how.  


In 1964 there were only an estimated 600 nesting bluebird pairs left in the state due to habitat loss.


Each year BRAW members’ nest boxes alone fledge over 20,000 bluebirds, plus numerous tree swallows, chickadees and other birds.


BRAW members maintain 8,000 nest boxes throughout the state bring a wealth of experience to those wanting to learn how to do it.


You can make a difference.

Help our bluebirds thrive!

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Bluebird News 

Bluebird Symbolism

& Meaning

(+ Totem, Spirit, & Omens)

March 26, 2020

Garth C. Clifford

Writer & Photographer 

15 Eastern Bluebird Facts You Didn’t Know

April 26, 2020  

Why Do Female Birds Sing?

August 26, 20219 

Garth C. Clifford

Writer & Photographer 

Mary Bates, Ph.D.   

Science Writer, Psychology Today

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"If you build or put up a nest box, they will come", and bring you lots of happiness when you experience their beautiful colors and songs.


Our Mission

To broaden the base of state residents who help Eastern Bluebirds and native cavity nesters by erecting, maintaining and monitoring nest boxes.

BRAW is a  NABS Affiliate Organization


Our Vision


To ensure that the state's Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity nesters population remain strong and stable.

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