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You are invited to join the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin​.  You do not have to be a bluebird expert or have bluebirds in your yard.


Your membership helps support bluebird conservation in Wisconsin, education, and field activities for the purpose of increasing the production of the Eastern Bluebird, and other native cavity-nesting songbirds, through a coordinated, statewide nest box construction and monitoring program.


By joining, you can meet others with similar interests, learn about the importance of our bluebird conservation activities, and explore the many resources available to you from experienced members and on the website.


Best of all is seeing and hearing these magnificent birds in your yard or on a trail, and realizing that you can, and do, make a difference in the lives of Wisconsin's bluebirds.

You don't have to be a bluebird expert to have bluebirds in your yard or to start a trail. Join and we'll show you how.  

Membership Benefits

New Member Information Packet  ​​

Wisconsin Bluebird Newsletter

Fall Annual & Spring Regional Meetings

Meet people with similar interests

Start a Bluebird Trail 

Monitor a Bluebird Trail

Access to Practical Bluebird Information

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WB is published quarterly.

Membership Types

Annual Gift Membership (Online subscription) - $10 - USD

Online Student/Teacher Membership - $15 US

Online Membership - $ 20 USD

Individual or Family Membership  - $25 USD

Corporate Membership - $100 USD

​Lifetime Membership - $300 USD

Please Note

Options for extending memberships for up to 3 years available on membership form

 Join or Renew by Mail 

  1. Download & print form.

  2. Fill-in form.

  3. Mail it to the address on the form .

  4. Enclose a check or money order payable to:​

BRAW, Inc.​

P.O. Box 628492

Middleton, WI 53562 

For Questions or Assistance

 Please contact:

Val Van Winkle

Membership Chairperson


phone: 1-847-302-5684





Join or Renew Online

  1. Fill-in form

  2. Press Submit Button

  3. Payment options page opens

  4. Select form of payment

  5. Press "Add to Cart Button"

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