This offer expires on 12/31/2020

A Bluebird Holiday New Membership Gift Deal

Most bluebirds have left Wisconsin for the winter.  But that doesn’t mean they are out of mind during this holiday season of caring.

You can make sure they have a safe, snug home to come back to when they arrive next spring.  And at the same time introduce a family member or friend to the joys of bluebirding in Wisconsin.

Looking for a perfect  gift to give this holiday season? 

  Here's a thoughful gift that brings joy, appreciation of nature, and supports bluebird conservation. 

Give a NEW BRAW Membership Gift Deal this season for only $15. This is a gift that keeps on giving!.


BRAW is also offering a high quality cedar nest box with a predator guard ($35 value) as part of this deal. 


Current members are not eligible for the program which expires December 31st.

This deal also includes shipping the nest box to the new Wisconsin member at no cost to you.  Amazing!

They will also receive the online version of the quarterly Wisconsin Bluebird newsletter. 


If a mailed hard copy of the newsletter is preferred, the membership fee is $25 to cover the  added printing and postage.

All new members will also receive an Information Packet that covers locating, erecting, maintaining and monitoring instructions. A list of county coordinators offers individual mentoring help.  


Fred Craig

Cedar Nest Box 

Noel Guard

Each Gift Recipient Will Get All of This:

  • Premium quality nest box with predator (guard)

  • New Member Information Packet  ​​($3.00 value)

  • On line version of  our Wisconsin Bluebird newsletter​

  • Access to Extensive Bluebird Information​

  • Opportunities to:

    • ​Attend  Fall Annual and Spring Regional Meetings ​

    • Participate in BRAW-Sponsored Events

    • Attend Workshops/Seminars

    • Meet people with similar interests​

  • Learn How To:

    • Build and place nest boxes on a bluebird trail

    •  Monitor a bluebird trail

    • ​Defend bluebirds against their enemies

    • I​dentify nest failures and what to do

    • Participate in the recording and reporting of annual bluebird population trends

    • Recognize a bluebird habitat​

  • Access to a statewide network of county coordinators who assist local residents. with bluebird problems​.

  • Easy online paperless membership or standard print to mail-in application forms.

Gift a new BRAW membership today!

A gift to bring joy, awaken appreciation of nature, and help bluebird conservation. 


For more information contact:


Val Van Winkle


Membership Chairperson


phone: 1-847-302-5684 or email:


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