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Nest Boxes

BRAW Recommended Nest Boxes

Below are nest box building plans the two most productive nest  boxes recorded by BRAW.  Building a bluebird nest box is a fun and rewarding family activity. Best of all  is the collective enjoyment gained watching bluebirds move in and seeing their fledglings. 

NABS Style Nest Box

NBAS Style Bluebird Box Material List

  • Cedar lumber preferred 

  •  Top:  8" wide

  • Back, front, sides & bottom:  6" wide

  • All angle cuts are 10 degrees 

  • Roof: 10 -1/2"long  x  7 -1/2" wide

  • Sides:  9 -7/8"long  x  5" wide

  • Floor:  3-3/4" long  x  5" wide

NBAS Approved 

Peterson Unvented Nest Box

Other Nest Box Possibilities

Simple Nest Box

The Lafayette County Bluebird Society (LCBS) offers another nest box alternative for those wanting to build a nest box. 


The simple nest box plan is available here.  

Where is Pope Farm?


Which Box To Use?

BRAW recommends using nest boxes that have proven to be highly attractive to bluebirds.


These boxes are either: 


  • Shallow:

    • 4-5” from bottom of hole to nesting platform


  • Narrow:​

    • 4” x 4” nesting platforms, have oval openings (1 3/8” x 2 ¼”), and...​are unvented (vents can be opened after June 1 in areas where black flies are not prevalent).

Any box meeting specifications above is recommended by BRAW.


This guide addresses common nest box problems and issues.

Monitoring A Trail

One of the most exciting and rewarding experience of being a member is to take care of a Bluebird Trail. 


BRAW director, Gene Kroupa, on a trail  ensuring this nest box is secure. Frequent checking is key to protecting bluebirds.


BRAW member, Susie Sample, checking the status of this box, and assessing bluebird activity within.


This solitary nest box is located in one of the prairie restoration areas of within the Pope Farm Conservancy in Middleton.  

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